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Profession - Herbalist of 22 years

Before meeting Judy and taking Reiki lessons, I was extremely fatigued when leaving work, which I love. Reiki has taught me how to protect myself from the imbalanced energy (negative) of others and also made me more aware of the energy around me. I work on my animals weekly and they're more relaxed as well. Since I have learned how to protect myself from being an Emotional Sponge, I am actually energized at the end of the day. I would definitely encourage anyone to either learn the Gift of Reiki, or at the very least...let someone perform Reiki on them.
Respectfully, Dr. Erin Taylor, Naturopath, Traditional Reiki Master


Reiki has been a blessing for me, I am highly empathic. I tend to take on others feelings and emotions in effort to heal them. Until I began to work with Reiki, I didn't comprehend the degree to which I adopted the feelings of others as my own. The Reiki experience is truly liberating. I am now able to comprehend what others feel without having to take it on.

Reiki, integrated with my Buddhist practice has changed my life. I am happier, more fulfilled and beginning to comprehend my purpose and path; Reiki was the start.

I have friends world wide that I communicate with regularly. As they face challenges life presents, I have used Reiki to assist them physically, emotionally and spiritually. Second point is the aspect of "Distant Balancing"...their spiritual growth. They have become more open to wonderful, profound, creative miracles of The Universe and the Connectiveness of All things. There seems to be an exponential effect ~ astounding, wonderful and miraculous.

Rick Chamberlain - Spiritual-Tibetan Reiki Master


Many of us are so caught up in the "rat race" of society, suppressing emotional issues which ultimately leads to stress, confusion, irritability, unproductive sleep and depression. There is more to life by accessing our spiritual side from which I personally gained balance by not having to use prescription drugs which often mask symptoms and have side affects. Asking our spiritual-intuitive nature (looking within ourselves) for answers, instead of listening to media and marketing, is a rewarding and life-long nurturing benefit.

Olivia Gennett Traditional Spiritual Reiki Master

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