How does it work? Really great. When you call me, I explain that I sit in a quiet place and picture a beautiful, light golden bubble, about the size of a big beach ball, and I hold that ball in my hands. Then I picture you in the bubble and do Reiki on you and send you that picture.

Centering myself in a sacred space, I begin with calming breathes, step aside for now, from emotional and mental energies. I call upon my Reiki training to focus upon and channel to another,Reiki & Divine Wholeness. Everything and everyone in creation has a ‘core or innate sense’ of balance. In the physical, emotional and mental levels of our beings (humans and animals), there is a true ‘MEMORY OF WHOLENESS’ and IT KNOWS if IT is balanced. If at any given moment in time, energies are out of balance, in can be restored, that is the key.

With permission from a person, or caregiver of an animal, I picture that being, or focus on a name and do a Reiki treatment. In this mode, I am channeling Reiki to the Highest Level (spirit) of the other. When that vibration (energy) is received, that being then infuses that Reiki energy at the mental level, then down to the emotional and finally the physical level.

Humans have the ability to REASON, many have to think about it, before that energy is passed on to the emotional level, which often takes a little time before it passes it on to the physical level.

When doing distant work with babies, children and animals, the infusion goes quite quickly, they JUST UNDERSTAND. This energy is Divine and Timeless, therefore time zones, continents and state of being awake is not an issue.

DISTANT or REMOTE REIKI IS AS EFFECTIVE as if the person or animal were in my presence...the premise is “I am delivering The Divine Memory of Wholeness” to the Highest Level of the being receiving and the infusion starts there.

I may sense imbalance from others, release it to Divine Light and bring only peace and balance back into any my energy fields. This is a wonderful experience to receive and a humble one to send.