What is Reiki?

Reiki is an Oriental natural energy method that flows through the hands of a practioner to another, person or animal, to restore balance, eventually at the chakra (physical) level.

What is Meant by "Balancing"?

Balancing is the realignment of energy, sometimes called chi or prana, in the energy field of the client. It may be the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical level...the client's Highest Level knows!

How often can I receive Reiki?

As often as requested, it may be daily or weekly. Reiki is Divine Energy and only the amount needed will be absorbed.

Who can receive Reiki energy?

Reiki can be given to all people, as well as animals and plants. It is not associated with an organized religion, therefore, it is open to all and complimentary to traditional medicine.

Can Reiki cure disease?

Reiki is not intended to be a cure. It does however, improve the body's natural ability to balance and strengthen itself. It should be reinforced that Reiki is not meant to replace a physician or other health care providers. Reiki practitioners DO NOT DIAGNOSE OR PRESCRIBE MEDICINE.

Please click here to read more about Styles of Reiki


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